FPR Artists

Lonnie Lomax

Lonnie plays maracas with the Freddie Steady 5 but he brings much, much more. Though Freddie is the leader, he and the rest of the group really consider Lonnie to be the one in charge. Lonnie guides the group down it's musical and spiritual path.

He was abandoned as an infant by his parents in a truck stop outside of Alpine, TX. He was raised by waitresses who worked there in the diner. A waitress named Lula brought Lonnie a pair of maracas as a souvenir from her honeymoon trip to Mexico with her husband Clovis. Lonnie shook those maracas hour after hour to whatever song was playing on the jukebox. After a while, he turned those shakers into something of an art form and some said they had a power to heal for all who listened.

Lonnie remains the most mysterious member of the group. He does not attend every one of the group's performances but Freddie says they really can't exist without him. Those lucky enough to have seen him can attest to the magic Lonnie and those maracas possess.

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