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In 1964, Sal Valentino, as frontman for Beau Brummels, became the first Yank to score a massive hit after the Beatles broke, with the stunning “Laugh Laugh,” coincidentally (and accidentally) launching folk/rock.  For the past ten years, he’s kept a pretty low profile, mostly out of the music biz except for a few reportedly fantastic occasional appearances doing BBs songs.  Years ago he met and befriended Austin’s Freddie Steady Krc (one of Austin’s busiest and most respected musicians).  So a little over a year ago, when Krc got the A&R job at Fat Pete Records, Valentino was the first guy he called.  This is the result, Valentino’s first new album in years  ( there’s another new one coming with Valentino’s musical partner of recent years, Johnny Blakeley), backed by an array of Austin’s best musicians.  The album features three new Valentino songs, two by Krc, two by their late pal Jimmy Silva, and tunes by Keith Sykes, Johnny Cash, Jimmy Webb, and a recent Bill Lloyd/ Peter Case song.  Valentino’s voice is still in fine form, still one of the most distinctive and evocative in rock music.  My fave is the jangly 12- string coloured “ Treasure of the Orient” (one of Krc’s contributions) - the song most reminiscent of early Beau Brummels.  Equally fine is Lloyd/Case’s “The Longest Time” and Sykes’ “Devil in the Courtyard,” while Valentino’s “Lookin’ for You” boasts the album’s most rockin’ vocal.  The combination of Valentino’s warm, wonderful voice and some mighty fine songwritin’ makes for a memorable return to form.

Written by Kent H. Benjamin,  Pop Culture Press, Spring & Summer 2006, Issue 62, page 54


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