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Hi folks, Here you will find all kinds of stuff, pics, tunes, links and dates for shows. I may just go on a rant. So check back every so often. At least here you can read what Fat the Fat Guy is up to. He doesnt have to work with all that html here. The Fat One can just sit down and write. :)

Memphis Blues with Keith

Well it aint really blues but it is all about the tunes in this mid south mecca for artists and entertainers….you thought it was all blues here in Memphis huh??//?.I mean after all it was the International Folk Alliance Conference. So everyone was all Folked up. About 2000 performers rained down on the mecca of blues, all of it being at the downtown Marriott....unbelievable scene...the conference is a networking meet and greet monster....anyone who is anyone was here... publicists, promoters, agents, and tons of artists .... of course the artist with the mostest was Keith Sykes who’s new record  Let It Roll (Fat Pete Records)was the buzz about the conference center....

There is more benefits to attending this conference than just meeting people and seeing great acts ...they fill the day with all kinds of panels, clinics and instructional workshops to help in all facet’s of the buis....the Alliance makes available top agents, artists for workshops booking, performin, handling different ways of playing ....honing your techniques in both playing and touring. There are songwriter workshops, house concert workshops, all kinds of stuff interrelated to the world of the music buis...overwhelming! I must participate in some of the events but I will tell ya pay the dues and it makes for a great musical weekend in a cool town….last year it was in Austin….even fans should just check it out!!

I am telling ya this is cool if you’re a fan you spend the day sightseeing or sleeping or sampling the indigenous delicacies …..it’s a riot!! Some of the highlights were Jed and Kelley, a really cool pair who sing great harmonies and great lyrics...Kelley is a pretty little song stress, lots o' energy, now Jed is a young guy who picks up the other end of the harmony with great skill....these kids are going to make some noise on the circuit....watch them rise.  Andrew Hardin filled in some great guitar parts....Andrew is a great guy and also played with Jimmie LaFave and John Inmon...a cool power type trio....let the guitars ring..then there was Michael Hearne and his band south by southwest who actually made you feel like you were in the New Mexican mountains....they had such a cool sound out of three guys...neat little steal pedal and a stand up bass plus Mike on a great sounding guitar....I mean there was the Roaches, Michell Shocked, Jessie Winchester.......yup Jessie Winchester.... See, I met him and his wife at a Guy Clark interview which was killer...the interview was with Dave Marsh whose accolades as an interviewer is so long I will tell you just to google his name...you may be surprised.

Thursday seemed to be when most of the business guys and girls showed up...you walk around and look at the names on the badges and they are all the people writing the articles in all the mags based on OKOM....meeting tons of DJ's playing and making popular all the tunes we like from all over the country...very cool..

Friday we got to see Will Kimbrough do a couple of shows and he stopped to have dinner with Keith, Jmmy Davis and new friend I found Kenny White...Kenny come from New York and is the producer for Peter Wolf...yup the singer from the band J Giels..evidently he realy rocks on his new album. Produced by Kenny. Kenny’s performance was great..he had a great style, I kinda heard the rascals and john sabastian... cool lyricist and an all around great guy..I caught another act by a guy named Blair Combest, a Memphite, has a little Tom Waits type thing going...he had a good look too, kinda matched his tunes...good stories and situations. After awhile I was just strolling thru the halls and lookin for names and seeing sounds...it is the most unbelievable display of artists I ever saw or heard of……Friday afternoon “M” (Emily) The new communications expert for Fat Pete dropped out of the sky and began to be thrown to the lions at her first Folk Alliance. She was pelted with “Hi Nice to meet you’s” from so many people in an unfamiliar world and she handled it like she was born for it. She did a great job and will be answering the phones at Fat Pete from now on….meanwhile back at the booth… Kevin Welch stopped by the booth and we had a couple of laughs with Keith, I didnt get to hear his performance but I suppose it was good as it gets...up the hall a little was Marshall Chapman, another Keith admirer, unfortunately I couldn’t catch her gig but I bet I would have liked it, she had a great personality.. then I spin around to run upstairs and boom banged into Chuck Pyle, The Zen Cowboy, then off to a Keith Show!

Keith played a couple of great shows...thursday and friday... thursday night he had i think 2 of them..he played with the I40 Tour (Jed and Kelley, Jimmy Davis) all of them were standing room only...all of them great shows.... When Keith was doing his thing the crowd was at its pinnacle….He had them in his palm…Saturday… Keith was chosen to panel a group on Songwriting.. In this situation you could go and sit with Keith and get a few pointers to gain some of the years of knowledge a master at his craft…Martin guitars was just down from our booth…when they saw our booth they gave Keith a 0013v to sit and play at our little kiosk.. Keith is getting ready to go on the road and play a town near you...We have a cool event coming up soon in Hot Springs AR. This will be a blast. If you have not been to Hot Springs its a ral neat little stop with a little horse racing, good eatin, architecture to beat all...  Jan and I went there for the event and it rocked…warm baths messages music wow I cant wait………well I gotta go I bored ya long enuff….I am parked in ole rosie plugged into Keith and Jerenes mellow home between Memphis and gnashville trying to plan a drive around a storm to get home to Jan. She is getting snowed in. keep up with the gigs here at Fat Pete...more detail to follow...make sure you check the website for updated tour dates for Keith...see ya!!

Fat Pete

Memphi ( say it Like Dr John)

Well we got into town got a great room right on the corner of 3rd street 1 block up from the Rum Boogie on Beal....pretty cool...after the annoying drive through all all the fans of the Game Cocks (who the hell are they)making their way to the Liberty Bowl...I must have missed something after the little bit of college they allowed me to have, after I left the college and started working somehow I lost the school spirit thing that required you to do all kinds of obnoxious and outwardly projecting actions to mark you as the biggest fan of the team. 1 thing I did and still do is maintain the respect for the power of team effort. I love the thought of an accomplishment guided by focus and the need to be as good or better than the other guys. But driving your car that gets 16 miles to the gallon at 85 mph with complete disreguard for the others on the road with flags and pin wheels and shit flyin out the window just doesnt remind me of any team I ever played on or followed. At home its hunting season and they were the gamecocks I coulda bagged my limit....

The Gibson was sold out!!! 400 plus Great night for Keith and Todd. Such a cool spot for a gig too I was a really nice lounge area with easy chairs and ottomans and also a few of the folding concert type chairs...very good sound system cool stage and outside when you walked down the street you could see all the ES series guitars in various stages of production... when you look at all those instraments being built you wonder if there is one there that will ride the fame train when some prodical earns ownership of one of these pieces of shaped wood. It was very mooving for me. I walked into the guitar store and was overwhelmed with where I was. I earned my first electric guitar when I was 10 years old. the stipulation was I had to take lessons successfully for 2 years with a Sears brand guitar that really ate my fingers....ahhh the anticipation for a relaxed way of playing Never On A Sunday or being able to effortlessly play an eutude designed to make your life tuff by Mel Bay. Thats what an electric guitar ment to me. I wanted to be able to play like Chuck or look like The English guys in that band called the Stones who played on Ed Sullivan.  So here comes my 10th birhday.. It was weird cause the dutch elm disease had killed the trees that lined our streets.. I lived on Elm Street. So when I would look out my window at the tree that was no longer there, the guitar recieved all my attention. After the Gibson ES 220 was in my little string rotters for fingers I figured I would get in a "combo"or "group" and wear a turtle neck with Beatle Boots and wow the audience. The first one was called the Wanderers. We played for school dances and special events. Moon River, Love is Blue, and Jumpin Jack Flash, and of course the surf tune of the day,Wipeout. Our drummer was the only drummer in the world that could play that solo:)...ok thats enuff reminising. The point is that all these memories came flying thru my skull when I walked into that guitar shop and it stopped me dead in my tracks, I couldnt talk, just stood there in another world everything around me was like not in the same realm as I ...kinda like someone was talking to me and I didnt even hear them. Then I came back to my senses ( what little I have) and we trotted up to Beal Street and walked up thru hearing different kinds of blues every 20 feet... I like walking this kind of street. The sights are absolutely hellarious. Did I say there was alot of music geez everywhere.

Yesterday we went down to the Arcade for breakfast. A great old time dinner down  south main street accross from the train station. We walked in to find Keith sittin there having an omlette and reading the paper...as we left the dinner we walked up the street visted a radio staition, WEVL 89.9 that plays Keith all the time. We were welcomed in and givin a short tour, very cool. A block down I spotted 2 vintage cars about a 65 caddy and a 60 pontiac with the fins. As we peered down the street the motel was attachd to a newer building and with out any signs we both recognized the building as the one that Martin Luther King Jr was shot. Turns out to be the Civil rights museum..I believe its good to remember and honor the past. Make sure you can sell bumper stickers and tee shirts to the public. Funny how we recognized the building and there were no signs tellin ya what it was...

I am tellin ya the rock and roll trail is a cool one to follow. You know SF Austin Chicago Philly NY Memphis New Orleans and all points in between.  This is history! Music spans all economic levels of society and affects all people. To hang out where the tunes were developed and people layed out everything they have to succede, The teams of bands that took over areas of cities. The marching bands that heralded the Liberty Bowl,The teams of road crews that make things happen seemlessly, so the artist can display his chops, making you dream of times past and present that helped make you you.

This is getting too heavy ... I am going to Tunica today to loose some of this years money so I can start fresh on Monday...they got those gamblin houses down there so I will be hawkin them tables albeit not at Green Gables.

Rock On

Fat Pete 

Smack Dab In The Middle

Well in a couple of hours we will be on our way to Memphis for keith Sykes and Todd Snyder show at the Gibson Lounge tomorrow night...then a few rib eating bouts ....then News Years Eve with Keith and the Revolving Band!...oh boy! Hope the holidays were fun for all of you...ours well lets just say were different.....nuttin real bad but ..well you know... we  like to leave for the New Year thing...actually this is a first I think but I will tell ya after seeing the same people from Thanksgiing on I need a break. .. dont get me wrong family is family but on the other hand family is like well..... family.

Yup time to get back on the road, nuttin like a roadtrip, come home feeling like you just cleaned up all your bullshit and threw it to the wind ... u know frrrrressshhhhhh like a subway sandwich....anyway I am trying to get a newsletter out soon cause we gotta a bunch of cool things going....so I know I will be posting as we drive ...We have the Folk Alliance Comming up in February also in Memphis...Freddie is looking for a little Memphis Nashville run with Cam to promote his new album TEX POP due out Feb 20th......Keith picked up 5 more radio stations in last couple of weeks...we will be on the charts soon!!.........the weather looks like its gonna be nice for the trip...thats a good thing! There will be a new You tube video soon from Fat Pete....I will send out the link.... soooo I gotta pack and get the car ready.... Boovie is going to stay with Mom and Dad.... its off to see the wizard in Memphi(say it like Dr John).....l8tr

Fat Pete  

Happy Happy Happy

You know I have all these stories but I have a permanent writers block problem. If I could be more disciplined I could get everything out I wanted to. I try :) This was a cool year. Jan and I had a ball. We got to travel a bit and go places we always wanted to experience. It is very addictive living in Rosie(rv). You get real used to the simple things in life. You know eating relaxing, being with who you want to be with where you want to be. watchin dvd's in the middle of absolutely nowhere, you know where that is too, where your cell doesn't work. We were fortunate to be able to tour with Sal and Freddie and Layton on the west coast. Then on the way back we did a couple of weeks with Keith. What a blast! We got to meet a whole lot of dots and bunch of other listers that I am a subscriber to. To all of you who we crossed paths, THANKS for being cool.

I dont think we will be on the road near as much as last year. Feb, March and April and maybe a bit of may....maybe..But we have to home Looks like another Flat Frog Farm Fest this year!! So I gotta work in the yard to get ready ..with a year off like we did, repairs are needed.

Buisness wise, Fat Pete is rockin' , not getting rich mind you but definately worth the ride. We have a bunch of cool plans comming up this year. Some of the excitement starts on the first of the year. Keith with the Revolving Band at Neils in Memphis...cant beet it 25 bucks with all the trimmings this should rock! Tell me the last time you seen Keith with a full band electric. I know it will be good they have been rehersing in Memphis at the Woodshed for weeks.

Freddie has a new original album coming up in Feb,07 Tex Pop!! We have the artwork Dennis Loren took an interest in creating. Who is Dennis you say Well he is a worldclass designer. Some of his credits include Smile by the Beach Boys and various posters from tthe Filmore and various artists like Jimi Hendrix et al. Check some out at


Till The next time I would like to wish you a wonderful Christmas and Very Happy New Year!!

Batten Down he Hatches!!!

What a spot!! We are situated at mile marker 5...that means we are 5 miles to the end of the US....in Key West there is a mile marker 0 ...looks pretty funny...it is the southern most part of the US...Just over the hill is Cuba....but fear not the Navy has this place under raps...every morning (unless its raining) at about 7:20AM  about a dozon F15's run their practice "touch and goes" gawd they loud....they go for about 2 hrs then they return ....cool to watch, for 1 or 2 days then they oughta go away so I can sleep...

Yesterday it rained to beat the band....poured....The big Keith Sykes, Jerry Jeff Walker and Larry Joe Taylor gig was almost rained out ...about 6:30 it torrentually downpoured ...as Keith was getting up to do his set it was to say the least wet....he got a great reception and had all the Parrot heads (those who could weather the storm anyway) forgetting that is was raining....again he was recieved with a warm welcome, a participating crowd and encore requesting audience....No encores says the management so on to Larry Joe, who did a rousing set to lead up to Jerry Jeff who much to my chagrin was extremely well accepted...The only reason I was suprised was it is a Jimmy Buffet affair, usually fans kinda like to stick to their own.....but they loved Jerry Jeff..and he responded with a great set and had to come out and take a parting bow...Jerry was in a good mood all night and Keith did back up vocals on half of the tunes...THX Jerry!...as always at special events there is a guest musician or singer or someone well here it was "fingers" one of the best harp players I ever heard....hell he is right up there with the best...It was like old home day for these guys Jerry and Keith...

Suns out today and its a semi humid 78 degrees so we will ride our bikes into town and get ready for our last night out in Key West...Its been a cool visit with some extremely well prepared delicacies at two particular dinning facilities. The first one we sampled was the Blue Heaven. Richard the owner wa a very gracious host and sat with us for the whole feast...yellow tail snapper was my choice and it was scrumpdilisious...Richard kept sending his wine steward down in the galley to search out specific bottles of rare qualities from his private stash.....Keith got some cool buddies here!!!The restaraunt gets a little special play because of its uniqueness..If you didnt know it was there you woulld miss it....its a little patio type dinning arrangement and the pecular thing about it is the chickens that puddle about your feet as you munch on their brethren...another astonishing thing is they allow you to bring your pet ....so as you can picture this little backyard foodery is quite quaint but dont be fooled the skilled culinary artist is, well, very skilled ...food was great....

Louis' back yard was another exclusive feeding station....We met Patsie the other night she is the wife of the owner...very nice patio on the beach....yes I said beach ....earlier I said there were no beaches well I sorta lied...there is a beach at Louis' its about 20 foot long and 10 foot deep till you get to the street....miniscule...I mean if anything bigger than a couple of snappers crawled up there it would be fin to fin.

I was told I should offer an opinion in this blog ...you know, to stir some controversy....I said who me ???be controversial???? nahhhh...well let m think of some thing you will disagree with me about and I will be sure to post it.

Well its time to pump up the tires and get pedaling...If you have any comments additions or just wanna bitch let me know...I will certainly and timely reply.


Cap'n Fatty

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