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Happy Happy Happy

You know I have all these stories but I have a permanent writers block problem. If I could be more disciplined I could get everything out I wanted to. I try :) This was a cool year. Jan and I had a ball. We got to travel a bit and go places we always wanted to experience. It is very addictive living in Rosie(rv). You get real used to the simple things in life. You know eating relaxing, being with who you want to be with where you want to be. watchin dvd's in the middle of absolutely nowhere, you know where that is too, where your cell doesn't work. We were fortunate to be able to tour with Sal and Freddie and Layton on the west coast. Then on the way back we did a couple of weeks with Keith. What a blast! We got to meet a whole lot of dots and bunch of other listers that I am a subscriber to. To all of you who we crossed paths, THANKS for being cool.

I dont think we will be on the road near as much as last year. Feb, March and April and maybe a bit of may....maybe..But we have to home Looks like another Flat Frog Farm Fest this year!! So I gotta work in the yard to get ready ..with a year off like we did, repairs are needed.

Buisness wise, Fat Pete is rockin' , not getting rich mind you but definately worth the ride. We have a bunch of cool plans comming up this year. Some of the excitement starts on the first of the year. Keith with the Revolving Band at Neils in Memphis...cant beet it 25 bucks with all the trimmings this should rock! Tell me the last time you seen Keith with a full band electric. I know it will be good they have been rehersing in Memphis at the Woodshed for weeks.

Freddie has a new original album coming up in Feb,07 Tex Pop!! We have the artwork Dennis Loren took an interest in creating. Who is Dennis you say Well he is a worldclass designer. Some of his credits include Smile by the Beach Boys and various posters from tthe Filmore and various artists like Jimi Hendrix et al. Check some out at


Till The next time I would like to wish you a wonderful Christmas and Very Happy New Year!!

Posted on: 12/14/2006
Keith Sykes - Let It Roll