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Freddie Steady - Freddie Steady Go
Freddie Steady - Freddie Steady Go
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Track Time
Wooly Bully 2:59
I Can Beat Your Drum - sample 3:00
Your Gonna Miss Me 3:02
96 Tears 4:02
I Want You To Know 2:57
The "In" Crowd 5:00
I Know You Cried 3:35
She's About A Mover 1:57
I Fought the Law 5:02
99th Floor - sample 3:00
Splash 1 2:00
Angry Sea 3:15
Treat Her Right 3:45
Candy Man 1:54
Western Union 4:30
Not Fade Away 2:45
*Pirate For Your Love 4:50
*We're The Bulldogs 3:00
*bonus track
Freddie Steady 5 – Ready, Steady, GO!
3rd Coast Music – May 2005
Freddie Krc is about my oldest friend in Austin, but I had to admit that I never did get what he was trying to do with The Shakin Apostles. However, his latest project, with a band name that’s an obvious nod to the late great Bobby Fuller, is pretty straightforward, 16 of his all-time favorite Texas rock & roll songs, some well-known, others very obscure, sharing three singers, Roky Erickson, Roy Orbison and Buddy Holly, with Broussard but picking different songs. I won’t insult you by spelling out who originally recorded Wolly Bully, You’re Gonna Miss Me, 96 Tears, The “In” Crowd, She’s About A Mover, I Fought The Law, Treat Her Right, Candy Man and Not Fade Away, but score mega Texas music points for matching Fever Tree to I Can Beat Your Drum, The Promarks to I Want You To Know, The Sherwoods to I Know You Cried, The Clique to Splash 1, and the Vibrations to Angry Sea., with The Moving Sidewalks’ 99th Floor and The Five Americans’ Western Union hovering in a grey area. A big bonus is that, as well lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Krc also plays drums. Round out the album are two originals for which Krc reassembled his Baytown, TX, junior high school band.

“Freddie Krc is a true, dedicated musician. He is one of the most knowledgeable and liked musicians in the business. He's played on and off with me for twenty years. He is always upbeat and cheerful, and that's not easy on long, grinding tours. I consider him a friend and have the highest regard for his work.”

--Jerry Jeff Walker


"Great guitars, great songs, great records."

--Peter Lewis, Moby Grape


“I want to thank Freddie for being there every time I needed him.”

–-Roky Erickson


“When I first started touring with Dwight Yoakam, Freddie Krc was the first drummer I met outside of Los Angeles who played drums the way I thought they should be played. Everybody in L.A. could try to do it, but they didn’t know the real way, and Freddie’s got a handle on that Southeastern Texas thing. From San Antonio over to New Orleans, there’s something going on. Like Doug Sahm, who could play blues, play country, and play boogaloo funny shit – Freddie had that wired. I went, ‘This guy’s the real deal!’”

–-Pete Anderson


Pete - Freddie's CD is out-f@#%g-standing! Man, it's the best thing I've heard in a long time (and I buy a ton of stuff). It's the first CD in quit a while that I have just let play more than once. I had no idea it was so garage sound oriented. What a treat, I'm a huge garage band fan. I also never realized all of those classics were from Texas. Thank you and thank Freddie for me!

--Michael Ellis
Director of Career & Life Education
Delaware Valley College


We love the cd! Bob has played it all week.

--Bob & Connie Mosley
(Bob is the bass player & vocalist for Moby Grape and currently a solo artist)


Got your new CD... what a cool concept. Thanks for your rockin' version of Treat Her Right... and for including it. I'd love to hear you live one of these days.

Take care,
--Gene Kurtz
(co-author of "Treat Her Right", former bassist of Roy Head & The Traits and currently w/ Dale Watson)

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