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Shakin' Apostles - Medicine Show
Artists: Freddie Steady Krc, Cam King, Greg Jackson, Burnet Lamar, J.D. Foster, Champ Hood, Marty Muse, Wes McGhee, Michael Hardie, Tom Ordon, Dave Crawford, Ponty Bone, Van Wilks, Lloyd Maines, David Moerbe
Shakin' Apostles - Medicine Show
Price: $15.00
Track Time
Medicine Show 3:34
Fall On You 2:00
Crazy Flowers 4:55
Family Band 2:51
Hotspur 6:15
Black and White Movies 3:35
Ain’t That Love 4:07
After The Opera 3:53
Buffalo Skinners 4:27
Missing You Tonight 2:14
Sailors 3:53
Medicine Show Rag 1:49
Keith Sykes - Let It Roll