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Shakin' Apostles - Tuscon
Artists: Freddie Steady Krc, John Inmon, Danny Thorpe, Ronnie Johnson, Rooster Armbrooster, Cam King, Danny Levin, Wes McGee, Champ Hood, Ponty Bone, Bill Averbach, Lloyd Maines, Riley Osbourn, Sonny Collie
Shakin' Apostles - Tuscon
Price: $15.00
Track Time
Tucson 6:18
How Far Would You Go 3:01
Ciudad Acuna 2:52
Taste of Freedom 3:48
Lover’s Prayer 3:32
The Wish 4:35
Treasure of the Orient 4:13
Someone Following Me 3:55
Paint by Numbers World 3:58
Kara Lee ( Tucson Reprise) 4:32
Keith Sykes - Let It Roll