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The Explosives - KaBoom!
The Explosives - KaBoom! SOLD OUT
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Disc One
Track Time
A Girl Like You 3:03
Safety In Numbers 2:20
Come Here and Do It 2:18
Sellin Out 2:36
I Go Insane 1:44
I Wanna See You Cry 2:37
Stuck In The Ball Turret 2:24
Dancin’ All Night 2:13
Very First Time 2:30
Lonely Street 3:08
If I Touch Her 1:56
I’m An Explosive 2:12
I Won’t Go Back To Work 2:16
Fortress Europe 2:03
Tommy & Toni 1:43
Dog Star 1:52
UFO 2:23
Summertime Come 1:51
Come Clean 2:06
HeadHunter 2:29
New Shoes 1:56
When Love Turns Her Back 2:45
Night Ride 2:50
In My Head 3:37
Cola Brain 2:09
Disc Two (Live)
Track Time
Headhunter 2:15
Sellin Out 2:28
I Want To See You Cry 2:27
Dancin All Night 2:05
If I Touch Her 2:06
A Girl Like You 2:54
Don’t Say It’s Too Late 2:07
Don’t Stop 2:50
Veggies 1:48
Stop That Girl 2:58
Safety In Numbers 2:18
Very First Time 2:18
Come Clean 1:59
Stuck In The Ball Turret 2:43
Cola Brain 2:11
Fortress Europe 2:12
Summertime Come 1:49
Promise of Love 2:35
*Steppin Out 2:26
*I’m An Explosive 2:04
*I Won’t Go Back To Work 2:13
*Summertime Come 1:44
*Better Run 3:10
*Show Me Shona 3:26
*bonus track

The Explosives – Kaboom!
Record Collector - May 2005
The Explosives were what you got if you took New Wave and filtered it through Austin, Texas. Three chums inspired by the likes of Nick Lowe, who in turn had already been inspired by the power pop Americana of the likes of Buddy Holly.

The result could easily have been part of the first Stiff roster, taut and tuneful, powerhouse but often with a Byrds-like jangle. It speaks volumes that a post 13th Floor Elevators Roky Erickson hired them as his band and a post-Creedence Stu Cook produced their 82’ debut album Restless Natives. This double set divides between studio (10 tracks from their three Eps plus 17 unreleased) and live (mostly an 18-track set from Austin’s Continental Club in 1980).

Perhaps their finest moment is the sublime A Girl Like You, a single that’s hard to believe didn’t make the leap to this side of the Atlantic. But there are plenty more gems from the pens of singer and drummer Freddie Krc, inspired guitarist Cam King, inspired bassist Sony Collie, with red hot touches of Spector to Seeds, Beatles to Clash thanks to great Texan musical melting pot.

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