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Forget Cabin Fever

Time to get rid of the cabin fever and make your way down to Hot Springs Arkansas. The weekend of March 16-17 2007 brings Keith Sykes to a really neat little town, to party with us all. Keith will bring Jed and Kelley along to fill the evenings with song and merriment. They have some great food stops in Hot Springs. More than just BarBQ! Mexican, Ecuadorian, good ole American all situated along a quiet street ... read more »


If A Song Sticks In Your Head It Is A Good One! (that's what I was told)

Source: Lafayette/West Lafayette, Ind., Journal and Courier

• From Max Showalter, business reporter, 7:35 a.m.

My commute to work also involved dropping my wife off at her job first. When we got in the car at 7:35 a.m. Radio Margaritaville on Sirius was playing a Keith Sykes song, “I Want to Go to the Islands.”

That set the stage for a trip out of our east side ... read more »


Let It Roll - Commercial Appeal

By Mark Jordan
Special to The Commercial Appeal
November 3, 2006

Let It Roll
Keith Sykes - Fat Pete Records

A new record from Keith Sykes, the dean of Memphis singer-songwriters, is always a welcome and unexpected gift, like getting a call from an old friend. A distinguished writer who has had his songs recorded by Jimmy Buffett, John Prine and Rosanne Cash among many others, he is the ... read more »


B.I.G. T.I.M.E. in Memphazzz

Big time in Memphis come December. The Gibson Lounge is hosting an intimate evening with Keith Sykes and Todd Snider. The guys will treat us to 2, yes count em' two complete solo shows. What a cool night that will be.… I will be there with bells on.

The Gibson Lounge is a very cool venue with the factory being right there.  The ... read more »


Tune in to VHI

Make sure to tune into VH1 for their "Cheap Trick or Treat Halloween Ball" Special.  Our own Freddie Steady Krc, drummer for the Explosives, will be appearing in the Roky & The Explosives section of the show:

Show Times -
Network: (VH1C) VH1 Classic
Date: Friday - November 3, 2006
Time: 10/9c PM
Duration: 2:00

Network: (VH1C) VH1 Classic
Date: ... read more »


This is what the UK thinks of Freddie!!


Maverick Magazine UK

Nick Dalton

Issue#49 August 2006.
Freddie Krc,
Wes McGhee
Green Note, Camden, London, May 25

It's a couple of decades since Freddie Steady Krc blazed a trail through the pubs and clubs of Britain with his Texan twang and the home-grown all-stars of his Wild Country band.  Now he's reassembled the posse, however briefly and ... read more »


Kinky Friedman's Jam for Julie Ann Mogenis

Kinky Friedman's Jam for Julie Ann Mogenis


They Are In!!!

Get'em while thy're HOT!!! Keith Sykes' NEW record "Let It Roll" is fresh off the presses...

Download Muddin' Honey for FREE!!


The Return of The Freddster!

Freddie Steady returns to the Old Quarter down in TX...IF you remember Live at the Old Quarter was recorded there....

The new Freddie 5 album available for download here is also a great appearance by Freddie....

Just thought I would let you know...

Keith Sykes - Let It Roll