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B.I.G. T.I.M.E. in Memphazzz

Big time in Memphis come December. The Gibson Lounge is hosting an intimate evening with Keith Sykes and Todd Snider. The guys will treat us to 2, yes count em' two complete solo shows. What a cool night that will be.… I will be there with bells on.

The Gibson Lounge is a very cool venue with the factory being right there.  The boys are gonna rip up the place ….guaranteed.

Next is Dec 31st…yup that's right New Years Eve with Keith Sykes and the Revoving Band at Neil's @1835 Madison Avenue, Memphis, TN 901-278-NEIL food fun and next year…these are two big dates for 2 B. I.G. T.I.M.E. s …anyway if your interested ,get in touch with me and I will hook you up….let us know soon if you are traveling far so we can make ya all comfy.

Posted on 2006-11-22 by Fatty

Keith Sykes - Let It Roll