Batten Down the Hatches!!!

What a spot!! We are situated at mile marker 5…that means we are 5 miles to the end of the US….in Key West there is a mile marker 0 …looks pretty funny…it is the southern most part of the US…Just over the hill is Cuba….but fear not the Navy has this place under raps…every morning (unless its raining) at about 7:20AM about a dozon F15’s run their practice “touch and goes” gawd they loud….they go for about 2 hrs then they return ….cool to watch, for 1 or 2 days then they oughta go away so I can sleep.

Yesterday it rained to beat the band….poured….The big Keith Sykes, Jerry Jeff Walker and Larry Joe Taylor gig was almost rained out …about 6:30 it torrentially down poured …as Keith was getting up to do his set it was to say the least wet….he got a great reception and had all the Parrot heads (those who could weather the storm anyway) forgetting that is was raining….again he was received with a warm welcome, a participating crowd and encore requesting audience….No encores says the management so on to Larry Joe, who did a rousing set to lead up to Jerry Jeff who much to my chagrin was extremely well accepted.

The only reason I was surprised as it is a Jimmy Buffet affair, usually fans kinda like to stick to their own…..but they loved Jerry Jeff..and he responded with a great set and had to come out and take a parting bow…Jerry was in a good mood all night and Keith did back up vocals on half of the tunes…THX Jerry!…as always at special events there is a guest musician or singer or someone well here it was “fingers” one of the best harp players I ever heard….hell he is right up there with the best…It was like old home day for these guys Jerry and Keith…

Suns out today and its a semi-humid 78 degrees so we will ride our bikes into town and get ready for our last night out in Key West…Its been a cool visit with some extremely well-prepared delicacies at two particular dining facilities. The first one we sampled was the Blue Heaven. Richard the owner was a very gracious host and sat with us for the whole feast…yellow tail snapper was my choice and it was scrumpdilisious…Richard kept sending his wine steward down in the galley to search out specific bottles of rare qualities from his private stash…..Keith got some cool buddies here!!! The restaurant gets a little special play because of its uniqueness..If you didn’t know it was there you would miss it….its a little patio type dining arrangement and the peculiar thing about it is the chickens that puddle about your feet as you munch on their brethren…another astonishing thing is they allow you to bring your pet ….so as you can picture this little backyard foodery is quite quaint but dont be fooled the skilled culinary artist is, well, very skilled …food was great….

Louis’ back yard was another exclusive feeding station….We met Patsie the other night she is the wife of the owner…very nice patio on the beach….yes I said beach ….earlier I said there were no beaches well I sorta lied…there is a beach at Louis’ its about 20 foot long and 10 foot deep till you get to the street….miniscule…I mean if anything bigger than a couple of snappers crawled up there it would be fin to fin.

I was told I should offer an opinion in this blog …you know, to stir some controversy….I said who me ??? Be controversial???? nahhhh…well let m think of something you will disagree with me about and I will be sure to post it.

Well its time to pump up the tires and get pedaling…If you have any comments additions or just wanna bitch let me know…I will certainly and timely reply.


Cap’n Fatty