Memphi (say it Like Dr John)

Well we got into town got a great room right on the corner of 3rd street 1 block up from the Rum Boogie on Beal….pretty cool…after the annoying drive through all the fans of the Game Cocks (who the hell are they)making their way to the Liberty Bowl…I must have missed something after the little bit of college they allowed me to have after I left the college and started working somehow I lost the school spirit thing that required you to do all kinds of obnoxious and outwardly projecting actions to mark you as the biggest fan of the team. 1 thing I did and still do is maintain respect for the power of team effort. I love the thought of an accomplishment guided by focus and the need to be as good or better than the other guys. But driving your car that gets 16 miles to the gallon at 85 mph with complete disregard for the others on the road with flags and pinwheels and shit flying out the window just doesn’t remind me of any team I ever played on or followed. At home, its hunting season and they were the gamecocks I coulda bagged my limit….

The Gibson was sold out!!! 400 plus Great night for Keith and Todd. Such a cool spot for a gig to. I was a really nice lounge area with easy chairs and ottomans and also a few of the folding concert type chairs…very good sound system cool stage and outside when you walked down the street you could see all the ES series guitars in various stages of production… when you look at all those instruments being built you wonder if there is one there that will ride the fame train when some prodical earns ownership of one of these pieces of shaped wood. It was very moving for me. I walked into the guitar store and was overwhelmed with where I was. I earned my first electric guitar when I was 10 years old. the stipulation was I had to take lessons successfully for 2 years with a Sears brand guitar that really ate my fingers…. ahhh the anticipation for a relaxed way of playing Never On A Sunday or being able to effortlessly play an etude designed to make your life tuff by Mel Bay. That’s what an electric guitar meant to me. I wanted to be able to play like Chuck or look like the English guys in that band called the Stones who played on Ed Sullivan. So here comes my 10th birthday. It was weird cause the dutch elm disease had killed the trees that lined our streets. I lived on Elm Street. So when I would look out my window at the tree that was no longer there, the guitar received all my attention. After the Gibson ES 220 was in my little string rotters for fingers I figured I would get in a “combo” or “group” and wear a turtle neck with Beatle Boots and wow the audience. The first one was called the Wanderers. We played for school dances and special events. Moon River, Love is Blue, and Jumpin Jack Flash, and of course the surf tune of the day, Wipeout. Our drummer was the only drummer in the world that could play that solo:)…ok, that’s enuff reminiscing. The point is that all these memories came flying thru my skull when I walked into that guitar shop and it stopped me dead in my tracks, I couldn’t talk, just stood there in another world everything around me was like not in the same realm as I …kinda like someone was talking to me and I didn’t even hear them. Then I came back to my senses ( what little I have) and we trotted up to Beal Street and walked up thru hearing different kinds of blues every 20 feet… I like walking this kind of street. The sights are absolutely hilarious. Did I say there was a lot of music geez everywhere?

Yesterday we went down to the Arcade for breakfast. A great old-time dinner down South main street across from the train station. We walked in to find Keith sittin there having an omelet and reading the paper…as we left the dinner we walked up the street visited a radio station, WEVL 89.9 that plays Keith all the time. We were welcomed in and givin a short tour, very cool. A block down I spotted 2 vintage cars about a 65 caddy and a 60 pontiac with the fins. As we peered down the street the motel was attached to a newer building and without any signs, we both recognized the building as the one that Martin Luther King Jr was shot. Turns out to be the Civil rights museum. I believe its good to remember and honor the past. Make sure you can sell bumper stickers and tee-shirts to the public. Funny how we recognized the building and there were no signs tellin ya what it was…

I am tellin ya the rock and roll trail is a cool one to follow. You know SF A ustin Chicago Philly NY Memphis New Orleans and all points in between. This is history! Music spans all economic levels of society and affects all people. To hang out where the tunes were developed and people laid out everything they have to succeed, The teams of bands that took over areas of cities. The marching bands that heralded the Liberty Bowl, The teams of road crews that make things happen seemlessly, so the artist can display his chops, making you dream of times past and present that helped make you you.

This is getting too heavy … I am going to Tunica today to loose some of this year’s money so I can start fresh on Monday…they got those gamblin houses down there so I will be hawkin them tables albeit not at Green Gables.

Rock On

Fat Pete